Hello Everyone! 13th birthday

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Also, thanks for RSVPing and need some ideas for songs for my party. Please post here.

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  1. seriously?it came out in December 4 us…it was in the Big Newport 4 like 3 weeks when movies stay there 4 like 1 night

  2. SWEET SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ur team edward right? cuz if ur team jacob, i might just have to kill you

  3. omg, you have nooooooooo idea. ok heres EVERYTHING…. but i’ll probably miss something… ok 1. my uncle dies. seriously. he was going to get some frozen yogurt, and he slips on ice, hits his head and dies. 2. my best friend has apparently been USING me to become popular. no that i look at it, she started hanging out with me when i started hanging out with Emily and Negin and all those popular people, but she jumped ship the second i started hanging out with my old friends that aren’t exactly popular, but they are really great people and they’re not DORKS either… she’s apparently been talking about me behind my back and… well i don’t really want to get into it, but you get the idea… so she used me. 3. our science fair project is due in like a month, and i’ve barely even started. 4. i don’t have the best grades, so i had to quit basketball, which i’m really sad about… and on top of all that, i have this huge spanish project on Frida Kahlo due tomorrow and i still have sooooooo much to do on it.
    ugh. this sucks… man that felt really good to vent about it

  4. i hate u…
    we have 2day off, but this week is SPIRIT WEEK!!!!!!!!
    TEAM DAY!!! (we’re blue btw… so ya)
    its goin to b CRAZAY!!!

  5. sounds fun!! i wish we could see each other, i look so different now, i got contacs and cut my hair not to mention found a flat iron that acctually affects my hair, a chi TURBO doesnt that make you feal like some german spy, just saying it!!!???

  6. ok thisis my name in russain
    the r is acctually a russian letter it just looked must like a cursive “r”

  7. do u kow someone named brooke evens???? she just moved down here from california. :)) with love, ur buddie alex

  8. heyy sista! wat ya doing this summer? im going to chili! snow boardin time! i changed my screenname

    ok i always though that joe would b the first to have a kid and nick would be the first to get a wife and keven would b the first to get a husband…wow….IM IN SOUTH AMERICA!!! IM SNOWBOARDINGIN THE MIDDLE OF JUNEEEE!!!!

  10. I was walking home last night from Ace hardware (i was running an errand for my mom). on one street, there’s a Brugers Bagels on one corner and a Starbucks on the other. behind the Starbucks is a parking lot. there was a sign, that i had inadvertantly never noticed before. it was tipping to the left and the sides were corroding away with rust. it said
    “private lot
    not for COFFEE
    or BAGEL

    i don’t know why, but noticing it on about the thousandth time i had walked by it, i laughed and thought of my friend Noah (Noah=jewish jewish=bagels). Maybe i can find a way to get the pictures from my phone (yes i took a picture of it) to my computer… hmmmm.

    another funny thing that i have noticed is the stereotypes placed on private schools. My mom pointed this out to me just yesterday after reading a funny thing in a book that my high school (Webb) is making her read. she read me a passage that proved that America’s school system is messed up. it basically stated that public school teachers are teaching students to memorize facts and bubble in scantrons. they’re not teaching our students to look at things critically. the reason I am bringing up public schools is, is because most people think that they are more racially diverse and private schools are filled with rich, snobby, white children who turn they’re noses up at the thought of flying coach class. these stereotypes are completely illogical and untrue. first of all, the public high school i was about to go to (CDM High) is the one that’s filled with the snobby, rich, white kids who turn they’re noses up to flying coach class and wearing anything besides designer clothing. according to the obscene stereotypes, THESE are the people who are supposed to be in the private schools. they’re diversity? mostly nonexistent. unless brown hair and blonde hair is considered diverse, there’s no such thing. yet at my (almost) private high school (Fairmont Prep), these stereotypes are almost entirely switched. these people are racially diverse. so diverse in fact, that 98% of the school population is either Asian or Indian. only 2 percent is Caucasian. very few of them wear designer clothing, and most of them fly to India or Korea or China for around 18 hours in coach, and have no problem with it. as stated before, according to the stereotypes placed on these categories of schools, they should be the ones in public school.
    if anyone wants to comment on this, you can go the the box at the bottom of the page and write something

  11. Ok so I’ve officially started school at WEBB (amazazazing, I love it) . They have everything frooooom block schedules, to Asian stirfry that tastes Mexican, to wi-fi in the freshman major hangout (hooper student center) all I need at times like these are my friends, my iPod touch (to go on the Internet) and a can of diet coke to make me as happy as a clam… Now that be actually started typing things on this thing, I’ve decided I am never going to get an iPhone because 1. They are to mainstream and commercial and 2. This is so weird typing like this…
    These are a few of the things I like to do in my spare time: 1. I like to hang out in hooper (obviously), read the sequals to books I started in seventh grade then couldn’t find (yes mother I mean blue is for nightmares, I’m almost done with the next one 🙂 3. Watch videos I made during summer school (yes mother I just got those!!!!!) 4… Get told jokes… Or being teased… Since I am so gullable. LOL
    A normal days schedule: wake up at 6 am to go to morning vb practice, sign in, get ready, classes, then some free time then dinner, study hours, and SLEEP (!!!!!!!!!) after a long day…

  12. I miss u too!!!!!! Things here are sooooooooooooo crazy… Just read the thing I put up earlier. And now my friends older brother is like totally stalking (if u can call txting her every milisecond of the day stalking) my other friend… It’s actually super funny…

  13. So my friend/roommate hooked up with this guy last weekend. Ok, so whatever. Then she comes back to our room, completely drained of energy and peppiness and everything. Devastated. I felt absolutely horrible. If I knew what was going to happen, I never would have let her go. EVER. Then yesterday (monday) my drama teacher, Mrs. Hamlyn tells me that her keys to the CoDo Theater AND the prop room/dressing room have been missing since last week. This would normally not have been such a big deal to me EXCEPT that I added 2 and 2 together and figured out that he quite possibly may have stolen the keys.
    A few known facts about Mrs. Hamlyn:

    1. She’s an amazing teacher, no doubt about that.
    2. She trusts her students IMMENSELY with everything.
    3. She NEVER gives out her keys, EVER
    4. That’s where they hooked up

    So obviously I’m going to be mad at the guy (Ramos), and I’m going to jump to conclusions to try to get him in trouble. 2 and 2: keys missing since last week, he had a key… hmmm… suspicious… I talk to Mrs. Hamlyn this morning to tell her what I saw (making sure she knew it wasn’t first hand information) and suggest she change the locks (which she says is impossible). Later I call my mom (who also talked to her) and she tells me that there was NO WAY ON EARTH he could have gotten a copy because the keys are specially made for the school and it’s against the rules to copy them, so that’s completely out of the questions which leads me to strongly believe that he (Brendon Ramos) stole Mrs. Hamlyn’s keys last week because he thought he would be able to “rack up the “score” board” this weekend because it was Sadies and dance nights are the most popular nights to (for lack of a better word)… kanoodle…
    But now, my roommate and Ramos both have HC meetings, he quite possibly may lose his part in the play, and I feel completely to blame. I know that one day I’ll look back and think, “I did the right thing,” but as of right now, even though I know I did the right thing, I feel like ****

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